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Free in-depth, easy to understand diagrams, texts and references. A world-wide registry of Embedded Systems companies.

Our Role in the Embedded Systems landscape
The Embedded Systems landscape is constantly changing, and is always finding new ways to address old problems. There is a strong need for:

A Knowledge Base of Embedded Systems concepts
Innovative technologies, methods, tools, and components offer new ways for companies to improve their products and services. Every time a new innovation appears on the market - or improves the performance of existing products -, it provides opportunities for cascading improvements in other products and services that use, or could use, these innovations.
What's more, each innovation opens up the scope of Embedded Systems applications even wider, and provides additional opportunities for new functionalities, new applications, and increased performance.

We provide the Knowledge Base and platform for disseminating and managing knowledge on Embedded Systems. The Knowledge Base is structured along technical topics, composed of clear diagrams, relevant, easy-to-read texts, and links to external resources. The Knowledge Base is the largest of its kind in the world. It's easy to browse from one topic to another, by clicking on the topics in the diagrams.
The Knowledge Base can be updated by our partners, via the Edit button available on all text pages. A senior engineer checks all contributions for technical correctness, balanced coverage, and completeness before authorizing their publication online.

A World-wide Registry of Embedded Systems companies
In much the same way, new companies are constantly being created, or existing ones are merged within larger entities. The majority of companies in Embedded Systems are SMEs: some are startups and some have been around for decades. The landscape keeps changing over time, and the rate of change is increasing across the globe.
As the market for B2B products and services in embedded systems becomes global, a world-wide registry of companies - indicating which companies can provide which types of products and/or services, becomes necessary.

  • Partnering with us is one of the most cost-effective ways to get instant world-wide visibility for your company.
  • We provide a direct link between visitors looking for technical solutions, and your company website.
  • Our aim is to reference all companies in embedded systems design, while providing preferential treatment to our partners.

Further information about partnering with us is available here.


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